AquaSense Makeup Remover



The great majority of the generic formulations of makeup remover available in the market today are mostly made up of large amounts of mineral oils and artificial esters, which can readily lead to blockage of the pores and problems associated with acne. As AquaSense Makeup Remover is mainly composed of vegetal oils and plant-source emulsification ingredients, it features a mild action to safely and thoroughly remove the applied makeup, excessive sebum, and other facial impurities.

At the same time, it does not cause blockage of the pores, leaving your skin burden-free and luminous along with a refreshing touch. Moreover, its nongreasy attribute also helps pamper your skin to impart a refreshing sense of relief and comfort.

  • Adopts a technologically advanced composite mix of plant-based emulsification ingredients, which enable smoother application, while its soft and exquisite texture efficiently removes all traces in a gentle and refreshing way, without causing a feeling of greasiness after use.
  • Enhanced with a special emulsifier derived from olive oil, which does not cause agitation while exhibiting both cleansing and protection functions.
  • Canadian Willowherb is added for its amazing capability in subduing skin irritation.