Singapore Rediscover Campaign

As part of the Singapore Government’s efforts to increase domestic tourism especially during the pandemic, Singaporeans will be receiving e-vouchers to spend at various attractions, restaurants and many more.We will be lending our help by showing some of the almost forgotten places to visit while still staying within the safety measures set in place for
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Singapore is well known as a tourist hotspot for visitors from all over the globe. And here are some of the main attractions you can find around Singapore!   Gardens by the Bay A nature park spanning over 100 hectares opposite Marina Bay Sands, it consists of waterfront gardens, supertree grove, Flower and Cloud Domes
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Here are some of the best places to visit especially to those that are free of charge. If you’re looking to visit top tourist hotspots, look no further as we’ll be listing the most popular ones here!   Merlion Park You can definitely spot many variations of the Merlion statue all over the sunny island
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Many reservoirs in Singapore are more just bodies of water, it’s been integrated into national parks open to any resident to visit for a walk, a jog or just a place to hang out with family and friends.We will be looking at some of the most visited and well known reservoirs popular among Singaporeans and
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1. Marina Reservoir It is the only reservoir located in the centre of the city. It is also the largest reservoir, with a catchment area of 10,000 ha, or one-sixth the size of Singapore. 2. Seletar Reservoir It was officially opened on Aug 10, 1969, the year the space exploration craze reached a peak with
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