Top 10 Tourists Spots

Top 10 Tourists Spots

Here are some of the best places to visit especially to those that are free of charge. If you’re looking to visit top tourist hotspots, look no further as we’ll be listing the most popular ones here! 

  1. Merlion Park

You can definitely spot many variations of the Merlion statue all over the sunny island of Singapore, but the most famous and the original one is at the Merlion Park. Take in the breath taking scenery of a Merlion fountain and take amazing photos spanning over the panoramic view of the Singapore skyline.


  1. Trick Eye Museum

Located at Resorts World Sentosa, the Trick Eye Museum is an internationally renowned optical illusion museum from Korea using Augmented Reality (AR) features as part of their exhibits as well.


  1. National Museum of Singapore

As one of the oldest buildings in Singapore, it’s also the oldest national museum that dates back to 1849 opening as the Raffles Library and Museum. You can take in the historical ambiance as you take gallery tours in and around the museum which has stood still for over 170 years.


  1. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens was the first UNESCO Heritage Site in Singapore for it’s tropical garden as a position of important botanical institute in Singapore. As founded by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1859 as a national garden, it has stood as a testament to Singapore’s agriculture and as a garden city.


  1. Chinese and Japanese Gardens

Take a walk down the vibrant parks of Chinese and Japanese gardens, filled with towering pagodas, teahouses and bridges inspired by the Chinese and Japanese architecture.

A definite picturesque location with lush greenery and landscape, you can take a relaxed stroll down the gardens.


  1. Fort Canning

Fort Canning park, one of the historical landmarks of Singapore that has witnessed many of historic events. Used to be the site of 14th royal palaces, Fort Canning was also the headquarters for the Far East Command Centre and British Army Barracks.

It was also where the decision to surrender Singapore over to the Japanese on 15th February 1942. As with these historical events, the park itself also has many trails to walk down the historical lanes.


  1. Jurong Bird Park

Located in the western region of Singapore, Jurong, Jurong Bird Park is Asia’s largest bird park consists of hundreds of aviary species with over 5000 birds. The park ensures to make their habitants comfortable with greenery and nature meant to make them feel like home.


  1. Pulau Ubin

Take a short day trip with a group of friends to the island of Pulau Ubin, untouched by the modern day of the city a few miles away, Pulau Ubin is filled with beautiful nature, traditional kamongs (villages), mangroves and cycle trails over boardwalk.


  1. Peranakan Houses

One of the major ethnicities on the Indochinese Peninsula, the Peranakan culture is especially flourished in Singapore and Malacca (Malaysia). And their touch on the Lion City still continues to grow. One of the most popular spots is the row of colourful shophouses along the Joo Chait-Katong street.

You can easily spot several visitors taking their best Instagram worthy shots in front of the houses. Other than the photos, you can admire the beauty of the 19th century architecture of the shophouses.


  1. Clarke Quay

A historical landmark along the bank of the iconic Singapore River, it’s a quay filled with trendy restaurants, bars and beautiful shophouses lines with high-end boutiques. You can also ride along the stream of Singapore River in a river cruise bumboats with floating cafes.