Singapore Top 10 Websites

Singapore Top 10 Websites

In our small island city of Singapore, news spreads fast and information is quickly delivered to you. Just as how we are competitive, we also like speed which is why the internet and technology is so advanced and important in our everyday life. Want to take a sneak peek into what we like? Take a look at these top 10 websites every local relies on and visits often!


1. Channel News Asia

One of the most reliable news sources in Singapore, Channel News Asia (CNA) is also sourced overseas for its accuracy and speedy reporting on current news happening around the world and the region.

CNA has been known for some of the documentary series on topics happening in Singapore and overseas as well.


2. Straits Times


Another reliable news source, Straits Times caters mostly to the locals due to it’s inept Singaporean culture and reporting that is fast and easy to read on the go that is available both in print and on the mobile app!


3. Reddit

One of the most popular social networking forum sites, it’s no surprise that Reddit is one of the top sites used in Singapore. Mostly popular among the younger generation and some older generation, Reddit provides a source of forums for every interest you have.

From discussing hobbies to asking for advice or just looking at cute cat videos, you can find almost anything here.


4. Mothership

Another source of news, Mothership is often noted to be more censorship free since it is run as an Internet Media Company started by locals, thus is unlike the bigger corporations like Straits Times or CNA.

Don’t be fooled though as Mothership is just as reliable and they cover news not just on mainstream topics but controversial stuff as well thus is a favorite among locals and overseas readers.


5. Netflix

The largest streaming service in the world for all any show or movie, Netflix is widely used in Singapore as well.

You can find every and any international show you want to watch so long as it’s available in your region. With a small monthly subscription fee, consumers can watch as much as they’d like. Which is why it’s no surprise for being on this list.


6. Lazada

Known as one of the biggest e-commerce websites used in Singapore and Malaysia, you can easily find anything you want from clothing to household items at a super affordable price on Lazada!


7. Carousell

Used by many locals of all ages to sell either used items or new items, it’s a great way to find great deals or just to declutter your house. Carousell is also trusted by many since there’s no middle man needed and you can list your own sale and collect the payment and items yourself!


8. Singpass

Set up by the Singapore government, it’s an online management account to access government e-services and can even be used to log into other services such as for your library card.


9. Taobao

One of the largest online shopping websites, Taobao has been known to offer every type of retail you can think of at an affordable price. Despite being a mainly Chinese spoken website, it’s widely used in Singapore and many other Asian countries as well.


10. Twitch

The largest streaming platform in the world, creators and everyday fans can get online to stream game plays or any other interests you have in. You can also join communities of your interest and directly message with other members and top streamers during lives!